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Our Services


Our Hair Styling & Setting services offer you to raise your glamour quotient. We nurture you and tend you as delicately as possible. Braids, knots, fashionable updos, ironing, crimping and roller setting – we offer you with an abundance of services in which we can style your hair.

Facial Treatment

Our facials are forbearing and are designed to make your skin look most natural and at its very best. We hoard a plentiful of skin caring aspects like, cleansing, hydration, skin lightening, regeneration and so on.
A facial massage also makes you feel de-stressed and you skin feels de-toxicated and relaxed.

Skin Treatment

We provide an excellent anti-ageing skin treatment to our customers. The treatment is backed up with the best Cosmetic Brands to protect the skin against every day and pre-mature ageing.

Bridal Makeup

We offer you bridal makeup. Our services include from sari draping to wonderful bridal 'joora' to beautiful Chandan work. We will help you beautify your already luminous look on this all important occasion.
Our bridal clients are also provided with a generous pick of our hair, skin and grooming services.
The services are provided at the venue of the occasion as well at an affordable special rate.

Party Makeup

We cater to you a variety of Party Makeup, both Traditional and Modern. We get you ready to hit the dance floor, and provide Traditional as well as Modern Dancer’s Makeup.

Reception Makeup

So there is an occasion in your family? Contact us to give yourself the style, glamour and pampering that you deserve. From hair-cuts to colouring to re-texturing and nourishing; we have everything on our plate to serve you with for you to look best!


Do away with your unwanted hair and let your soft and smooth skin come to the fore. We offer you both hot and cold waxing. Our ant-tanning waxing is excellent for greater and brighter-looking skin.


We offer you the best professional pedicure that makes it a powerful therapeutic experience. You feel relaxed and thoroughly tended all at once.


We give you an excellent nail care and manicure in our parlour. Nail filing, clipping and polishing are all done here. We choose the polishing according to your skin tone and attire. We also provide French Manicure.

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